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Specializing in eCommerce Solutions for Product Brands, Manufacturers & Wholesalers



Online sales are booming!

The internet radically changed the entire product distribution industry. Resellers are smarter than ever - demanding immediate access to product catalogs, detailed specifications along with a quick, easy and effective ordering process.

End consumers are just as demanding - expecting to research and purchase a manufacturer’s product online, as well as quickly and easily locating the store or authorized distributor nearest them. As a result, more and more brands are selling directly to consumers (B2C) and looking to leverage the digital marketplace for selling to their wholesale clients (B2B).

It’s crucial your digital and eCommerce strategies align both B2C and B2B efforts for effectively managing your entire sales funnel – including direct-to-consumer relationships, channel complexity and digital marketing.

Whether you’re a fashion leader, lifestyle brand, hard goods brand or distributor; Odegi has the proven and tested solutions to grow your business online. Our full-service eCommerce solution will help your company define, integrate and successfully launch the entire eCommerce process.

  • Strategies and tactics for going "direct-to-consumer" sales
  • eMarketing solutions for product brands, manufacturers & wholesalers
  • Social media marketing for brands
  • B2C/B2B eCommerce solutions- complete "turn-key" operations
  • Global eCommerce with country specific localization

Odegi is a full-service eCommerce agency headquartered in Toronto, Canada, built to help retailers and suppliers maximize the potential growth of their business online. No matter what your online business goals may be, we provide all the necessary resources, technology and expertise needed to excel within your industry and market.