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About Us
Odegi eCommerce Consultants

Odegi eCommerce Consultant


Diego Reyes – founder and CEO of Toronto based Odegi Inc., is a passionate entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience in business, web technology, internet marketing and eCommerce. His drive and expertise have helped plan and implement winning digital strategies for hundreds of SMB's across North America.

Before founding Odegi, Diego’s talents helped launch the world’s largest internet marketing franchise - WSI Corporate. His successes at WSI revealed an opportunity to help customers grow by using smart technology coupled with online marketing.

Diego realized there was an information gap for many small to medium sized companies when it came to implementing effective eCommerce solutions. Far too many agencies specialized in only one or two aspects of the entire online eCommerce puzzle. When forming Odegi, Diego placed everything under one roof, giving his clients a “one stop shop” resource for eCommerce strategy, marketing and technology.


Odegi’s Approach 

Our approach can be summed up by one phrase: When you Win, We Win.

Your Online Business Partner

Odegi approaches every client's business as if it were our own. We believe an eCommerce agency should be more than just a vendor of specific services. We get to know your business, collaborating with you and your team to unlock the full potential of your business online. This builds deep, profitable and long term win-win relationships. 

You’re One of a Kind

The eCommerce industry is huge - and continuously changing. There’s no such thing as “a one size fits all” template that can be applied to every business.  We understand your business or service has its own unique situation, personality and customers. Our entire team works closely with you in developing a custom online sales and marketing strategy tailored for your business goals, audience, brand and products.

Full Service

The world of ecommerce can be a complex puzzle. Odegi makes it easy by providing a full-service ecommerce solution -all under one roof. No matter what your online business goals may be, we provide all the necessary resources, know-how, technology and expertise needed to excel in your industry and market.