By migrating B2B customers online, companies have seen a 44% increase in Average Order Value (AVO) and 38% of the B2B executives agreed that customers have spent more.


David Bowen

How would automating your sales process impact your business?

Imagine having a business where 80% of your orders come from your eCommerce channel and customers love to order from you because it's fast and easy. A business where your customers can easily find your products 24/7, get live inventory availability, product information, pricing and access to order history stored in your ERP.

A business where your sales team has more time to help customers and to focus on new business opportunities.

What would this mean for your business growth?

Your bottom line?

B2B online commerce is projected to grow to 6.7 trillion by 2020

Customers expectations are changing because digitalization is everywhere.
From ordering your groceries online to booking your favorite restaurant.
It's not going away and B2B eCommerce is playing catch up.   
This presents a great opportunity for your business.

Maximizes B2B eCommerce Success

Odegi helps distributor wholesalers tap into this massive B2B eCommerce opportunity.
We help distributor wholesalers that are experiencing any one of the following challenges:

  • Anxious to increase wholesale online sales but don’t have the internal knowledge or manpower in-house to make it happen.
  • Disappointed with their current website and performance (not user-friendly, not stable, not integrated with your ERP, low adoption & sales)
  • Worried that you are losing market share because your competitors are doing a better job serving their wholesale customers online.


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If the above challenges are affecting your business, now is a good time to schedule your free One-Hour eCommerce Consultation with an Odegi B2B eCommerce Specialist
Some of the topics covered during your one-hour consultation include:

  • Do you have the right eCommerce Platform to support long-term growth
  • What technology & features are required to run a successful B2B eCommerce business
  • What best practices are being used by the top B2B eCommerce companies to improve customer experience and increase transactions
  • How automating SEO can acquire new customers cost-effectively
  • How companies that have adopted marketing automation are out-performing their competitors

Simply use the form on the right to schedule your Free Consultation with an Odegi B2B eCommerce Specialist or call 1-866-388-8229. 


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