There are endless third party vendor applications built for online businesses.  The questions is how do you know which one fulfills your specific needs and how do you make it work with your eCommerce solution?

Odegi helps you invest in the right tools & integrations that will enable you to streamline your operations and grow your eCommerce business more profitably.

Here are some of the many eCommerce Apps that we provide:

  • Smart Search - Improve Your Store’s Search Capabilities!
    Help your visitors search and find your products instantly while expediting the sales process. Access cutting-edge eCommerce technology at a fraction of the cost that online retail giants pay for similar technology.

  • Personalization - Engage Shoppers Through Personalized Customer Experiences! 
    You have the web traffic, now convert your visitors to customers by captivating their interest using customer data. Increase the average ticket size by making recommendations based on your visitor’s browsing shopping behaviour and more.

  • Email Marketing Automation - Maximize On Your Email List & Increase Sales!
    Convert your site visitors to active shoppers and build client loyalty via targeted email communication. Enjoy one-on-one communication with your clients, recover abandoned carts, send automatic follow ups and re-engage inactive clients.

  • Lead Capture - Convert Web Traffic Into Leads Efficiently!
    Transform your site traffic into subscribers by creating high-converting lead capture popups, signup forms and sign up bars.

  • Chat - Offer Instant Client Support!
    Stop wasting opportunities to sell. Serve visitors while they’re on your site and interested in your products.

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