Odegi has been helping us with our eCommerce website & integrating it with order entry and shipping of consumer orders. It’s also been very valuable in helping us gather information about our customers and how we should focus our efforts.
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Increase Profitablity With 3rd Party Applications

There are endless third party vendor applications built to fulfill specific business needs. From payment processors to third party shipping services and ERP/POS systems, there are as many applications for your eCommerce platform as there are for your phone. The questions is how do you know which one fulfills your specific needs and how do you make it work with your eCommerce solution? That’s where Odegi comes in.

Odegi helps you invest in the tools and integrations that will enable you to streamline your operations and grow your eCommerce business more profitably. 

Contact us today to increase your store capabilities by maximizing on third party technologies.

Odegi's Web Support & Hosting Services Include

  • ecommerce 3rd Party Software Research & Assessments3rd Party Software Research & Assessments
  • ecommerce Integration PlanningIntegration Planning
  • ecommerce Integration Development & DeliveryIntegration Development & Delivery
  • POS / ERP IntegrationPOS / ERP Integration
  • eCommerce CRM IntegrationCRM Integration
  • eCommerce Payment Gateways IntegrationPayment Gateways Integration
  • eCommerce Shipping Carriers IntegrationShipping Carriers Integration
  • eCommerce Email Marketing Software IntegrationEmail Marketing Software Integration
  • RESTful /SOAP API DevelopmentRESTful /SOAP API Development

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