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Why Having A Blog Is NOT Overrated For Your eCommerce Business

By Diego Reyes


When an internet consulting agency approaches their client saying that they need to create a blog and content plan as the next strategic step; many small business owners new to eCommerce are left questioning the importance of having a blog if their primary purpose is to gain sales. On this basis, they are hesitant about taking on the next online marketing initiative for their business and providing a budget for blogging. 

Cyber Monday 2014 Preparation Checklist For Your eCommerce Store

By Gabriela Velastegui


Cyber Monday is only a couple days away and it is forecasted that cyber sales will reach $2.60 billion, up 15 to 18 percent compared to 2013. For most online stores, Cyber Monday usually experiences the largest online sales of any day throughout the year. The hype is definitely real and it is significant that your ecommerce store is prepared to capitalize on this growing trend and market. Below are some recommended Cyber Monday preparation tips to consider to maximize your sales. 


How To Convert Stressed Shoppers Into Merry Customers This Holiday Season

By Mark Rago


Every year, many people joyfully anticipate the winter holidays as they are a time of happiness, compassion, and generosity. But they can also be a time of stress and anxiety, due to the high demands and expectations of the holidays such as: preparing for various parties; holiday budgeting; family reunions; and most infamous of all, shopping! 

Collaborative Model Solution: Overcome Multi-Channel Conflict Involving Your Ecommerce Store

By Diego Reyes


The progression of the Internet and its popularity as a traffic and sales channel for businesses has made “channel conflicts” a growing concern amongst manufacturers. Channel conflict happens when a manufacturer (brand) builds its own online direct-sales channel (ODSC) and conflicts with the business interests of its distributors, retailers, and sales representatives. 

How Your Small Business Can Compete Against Ecommerce Goliaths like Amazon

By Mark Rago


Many ecommerce professionals say that ecommerce goliaths like Amazon are stifling the ecommerce revolution, but I beg to differ. Amazon, being one of the biggest leading online stores in the world, is actually moving the ecommerce revolution forward by facilitating greater competition. The great thing about more competition in the market is that it pushes professionals to become more innovative and creative with their branding, content, and marketing. Gone are the days of early vacations; consumers are now constantly keeping company owners and professionals on their toes as ecommerce goliaths like Amazon have made it convenient to buy from them online.  

Internet Marketing 101: Bad First Impressions That Can Spook Off Your Leads

By Mark Rago

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in North America. Millions of people will participate in Halloween activities online, presenting great lead opportunities for businesses. Even businesses whose products or services aren`t directly related to the holiday have an opportunity to benefit from the Halloween spirit. As such, with the amount of people participating in Halloween activities, purchases, and searches online, it is important for businesses to make a good first impression for visitors, rather than scare them away. Below are some ways businesses online leave horrifying first impressions that often cause them to instantly lose visitors and leads. 

4 Ecommerce Conversion Tips For Success That Are Often Overlooked

By Mark Rago


A successful ecommerce website must not only attract visitors, but also convert them into paying customers. To get more paying customers, it requires constant analyzing and testing, as well as a confident understanding of your audience to make adjustments on your ecommerce website.