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Odegi's Full-Service Ecommerce Solution

A simple one-stop solution for your business's success

The world of eCommerce can be a complex puzzle for most businesses. Odegi's full-service eCommerce solution provides you the blueprint to put the pieces together, turning your vision of  online success into reality.  

We start by understanding your business, working closely with you in developing a custom eCommerce strategy tailored for your individual business goals, audience, brand and products. We then provide the expert team to make it happen!  

From marketing, technology, hosting, support, and reporting… Odegi provides it all under one roof.  No matter what your business goal may be, we provide the services needed for it to excel in your industry and market

By choosing Odegi, here are the advantages you and your company will realize:
  • You’ll be partnering with an experienced team of eCommerce professionals who’ll develop an eCommerce strategy tailored for your specific business goals, audience, brand, and products.
  • Increasing the number of unique visitors to your website with our effective, high-performance marketing campaigns.
  • Converting your prospects into long-term customers – considerably increasing your online sales.
  • Accessing the finest, leading-edge eCommerce technology available, especially geared for retailers and suppliers.
  • Enjoying full, ongoing eCommerce support, consulting and reporting to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Our Services

  • E-Marketing

    At the core of any eCommerce marketing campaign is a decisive, well thought out and expertly executed plan. We get to fully understand your business and target markets before we develop and fine tune your custom eMarketing strategies. Odegi ensures your eMarketing tactics will cover all of the following:

    • eMarketing Strategy
    • eCommerce Design
    • eCommerce SEO/PPC
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Content Marketing
    • Conversion Optimization
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  • Technology

    In order for your business to succeed online, you need the most flexible, dependable, and secure technology. Odegi provides you the latest and best technology to match today`s online demands. Along with the most effective technology, we supply you with a team of knowledgeable web engineers to handle all technological matters.

    • eCommerce Development
    • eCommerce Hosting
    • Content Management Systems
    • Payment Processors
    • Global eCommerce
    • Security
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  • Ongoing Support

    Odegi makes it easy for retailers and suppliers to maintain, manage and enhance their online business operation. We have a fully staffed web support team ready to assist you with your online business growth demands. 

    • eCommerce Maintenance & Upgrades
    • Technical & Admin Support
    • Web Programming
    • Website Monitoring 
    • Emergency Support
    • Webmaster
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  • Reports

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure. To gain the insights that are driving your sales, Odegi works hand in hand with your company in setting up the reports necessary so you can succeed online.

    • Web Traffic Reporting
    • eCommerce Sales Performance
    • Customer Engagement Reporting
    • Multi Channel Sales Performance
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Real Time Reporting
    • Site Speed Analysis
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